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I found my fade

I’ve been putting this post off because I have no lovely, artfully arranged and lit photos to accompany it. However, my body has conspired against me and I’ve been too ill to take any except for one above which is a pre-blocked snap.

Anyway, I decided to go for it nevertheless and will attempt to use words to describe the deliciousness that is my ‘Find Your Fade‘ shawl, an achingly hot right now pattern on Ravelry.

I think knitters love it so much because it uses seven+ skeins of hand dyed sock yarn that encourage you to play with colour and use your individuality to create your very own version. The pattern is essentially very simple; an elongated triangle shaped shawl with sections of garter and easy (think k2tog and yo repeated) lace. The fun bit comes with the ‘colour melting’ where you blend one skein with the next to fade from one colour another. It works with solid, semi-solid and speckled yarn equally well as well as a blend of all three. 

I chose some gorgeous yarn from Skein Queen and used my first single ply yarn (I know, right?). I’ve avoided it as I was worried it wouldn’t hold up but actually it’s perfect for a shawl. 

There’s also a skein from Clover Cottage Yarns, a smooshy yellow and grey, and I ended up swapping the one on the far left for one from Burrow and Soar as I fancied a variegated yarn instead of the original semi-solid. 

I’m over the moon with it, it’s huge. Like 3m long huge and perfect for winding around my neck to keep me snuggly in bed.

Which is good as I’m spending quite a lot of time there right now. I’m not great symptom-wise right now and have had periods where Mr Weaving Heart has had to cut up my food and stuff. Not great but it will pass and having a fabulous new shawl makes everything better.

I’m on a shawl splurge and have immediately cast on another one, this time the glorious Eyeball Shawl from Stephen West. Now I’ve been a little reluctant to leap into his patterns as neons aren’t really my thing but they are ingenious and I’m now a convert to speckled yarn, if not the eye aching colours associated with his creations.

It’s a super clever construction and apart from the central puckering which, ahem, reminds me of something I’d rather not say here, is going very well.

Anyway, that’s enough for now and I’ll show off some proper pics of my FYF shawl very soon…