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Silver linings

Have you come across the Pussy Hat Project? If you’ve seen the news or been on social media over the last day or so the chances are you have.

I’ve felt very humbled to be part of a community that has produced this and it’s reminded me that there usually is a silver lining to whatever happens in life.

Take my health condition, without it I doubt I’d have had the opportunity to set up a moderately successful baby wrap weaving business which in turn introduced me to some amazing women (you know who you are!).

We most likely wouldn’t have moved either, yet by doing so I’m now living in our house. You know, the one we have been meant to live in all along. 

I love living in Helmsdale, I’m a city girl at heart (disappointingly) so being in the midst of a village with all the sounds of habitation around me is very reassuring.

The house is perfect, not a kit house without character like our old one but a home filled with light and colours, quirks and comfort. I look around and have that glow of contentment every day.

Our small garden is filled with birds too, so I watch them squabbling over the feeders and strutting about in the mornings, along with two very interested dogs!

There’s a walk in the nearby hills that is accessible by car and follows an old disused road, it’s something I can manage a little of once or twice a week and it has fabulous views out to sea and across the strath.

So despite the fears I held about leaving my studio and bungalow in the middle of nowhere, everything has worked out well, very well indeed.

Now, I promised some more photos of my Find Your Fade shawl, it’s worn all the time but I managed to do without it for a few minutes in order to fulfill my commitment.

Rambling in the West

After rambling on in the last post about how I don’t get holidays, we had a couple of days away on the West Coast. Just like much of my handspun, I’m so inconsistent. 

We returned to one of our favourites, Kinlochewe. Blessed with good weather (ie not completely sheeting it down constantly) we managed some good walks and tasty food. Aside from the occasional midge, it was fairly atypical for the Highlands and I may have even caught a little sun.

I also managed to complete my very first 100% spindle spun project, a little crocheted coaster in merino/bamboo/silk. 


I shall have to start a range of socks for mice as I can’t see me spinning enough on a drop spindle for a person sized garment any time soon.


A wonderful wet weekend

We had a night over on the West Coast of Scotland this weekend in Torridon. Last November we had a week there but found it rather bittersweet as I wasn’t able to get out and about much so this weekend was a chance to explore some of the places we had wanted to see last time.
I’m maintaining my energy levels and staying comfortable in my body so it’s time to improve my fitness and start to go up a few hills.
Saturday brought lots of rain but I like Sir Rannulph Fiennes’ quote:
‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’
and we were covered from top to toe in waterproof outfits.


I’d like to say I made the most of some of my knitwear but I have to admit I do like fleeces for walking in as they’re lightweight and not too bulky.

The dogs had a great time scampering up and down the hillsides; Bess needed half of the Highlands cutting out of her tummy fur when we arrived home as she discovered that rolling in heather is the Best Thing Ever!