I’m missing walking right now. Autumn used to be the kind of year we’d go on really long yomps in the Highlands; the weather was cooler, the midges were starting to die off and the colours of the bracken, heather and hillsides are beautiful. If you’re lucky you might get to hear the deer rutting or even catch a glimpse of them.

But instead of venturing into the great outdoors, we both watched Unrest, a film about M.E. 

It’s a difficult and powerful film; Jennifer Brea, the film maker, doesn’t flinch from showing us herself at her most ill and vulnerable. As someone who has lived with this illness for over five years now, with little hope of recovery, I identified with her efforts to try anything, no matter how crazy, to try and cure herself. For me there’s been supplements, diets, a certain well advertised and expensive ‘cure’, as well as consulting various specialists from private doctors to herbalists, but the bottom line is, until we understand what causes M.E, we have no real chance of curing it. You can help by going to see the film, we need better awareness to promote funding into research as well as donating via the Unrest website. 

PS I hope you found me ok, this is now the new domain address for Weaving Heart

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