Monthly Archives: October 2016

WIP Central

As usual I have multiple projects on the go, it keeps things interesting but also slows completion rates down.

It’s a bit funny too as you develop relationships with them, I mean we spend an awful lot of time together, just touching them and watching them grow oh so slowly.

For me most projects begin with touch; how soft is the yarn? Do I want to run it through my fingers? Sniff it (I know, this can be weird), rub it on my cheek. 

Then comes colours. Do the colours sing to me? There’s something avaricious about this part, I want to possess that particular shade. Unfortunately what doesn’t come into this part usually is whether or not it’ll actually fit into my wardrobe or home decor, it’s very impractical that way.

Then the pattern; is it complicated? I tend to shy away from anything too involved nowadays as it would take up too much energy, but I like a little challenge, no yards and yards of stocking stitch here (unless you’re rewarded by a stranded yoke at the end of it). Could I wear it? There’s a beautiful cabled sweater popular on Ravelry right now, it’s beautiful but the cabling is in the chest area, somewhere I certainly do not need to add bulk! What do other knitters/crocheters finished projects look like (you’d be surprised, sometimes they can look very unlike the posed photos of a pattern). Is it free? I have sooo many projects queued that buying a pattern is fairly unnecessary (except when I fall in love with something, this inevitably happens when the pattern writer feels they need exceptional reimbursement for their creation, sigh) (not that I’m denying their right to charge  for their hard work accordingly, this is purely from the buyer’s perspective).

So as you can tell, it’s a very involved process.

Once a project is started, I get an idea fairly quickly as to whether or not it will develop into a full blown love affair, you know the one where you can’t keep your hands off them and they go everywhere with you. It can be like reading a really good book, unputdownable and you can’t wait to get to the end but at the same time you’d like it to go on forever.

Ok enough wittering on, you’re probably wanting to know what the first photo is about. Well I’ve decided, with a very heavy heart, to knock weaving baby wraps on the head for now. I just don’t have the energy right now either to do the actual weaving, or to properly engage with the handwoven wrap community so I’m stepping away.

The rest will continue, I’d like to get back to just weaving for fun! As some of you know we moved not that long ago so there are endless possibilities for home furnishing plus I have a heap of handspun yarn to use up so I’ll keep the blog updated and let you know what’s going on.

It has been an absolute joy to be able to make something to carry something so precious and I’ve got to know many amazing women through the course of it too. So thank you everyone for supporting me through such an amazing experience.