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I’ve just finished a couple of super pretty baby wraps despite the usual weaving fails along the way…

It’s the first ‘proper’ warp I’ve beamed on Ollie, the big loom, since we moved and didn’t check that the Kraft paper I use for winding on the warp was in the right position first. Big mistake. Huge. The warp nearly got thrown out of the window (the loom too if it weren’t three times the weight of hefty old me).

I’ve woven enough to know when to admit defeat for the day and leave it until the pain is a distant memory and then try again. 

Blood, sweat and tears were frequent companions along the way. Sweat and occasionally tears are familiar escorts but blood is pretty unusual. Because I haven’t woven for a while, my callused fingers had softened; I catch my knuckles on the reed when I throw the shuttle, it’s a very bad technique I’ve developed and sore.

Anyway, enough of the negative, here are the wraps. It’s a simple crackle weave from, I can’t remember exactly which one, on a Egyptian cotton warp and I used tussah silk and seacell for the wefts.

Wait! ‘Seacell’ I hear you cry!

Yep, yarn made from seaweed; it’s a cellulose based fibre that’s a bit like tencel. Weird and wonderful yarns are all the rage in baby wraps right now; things like peppermint, soy and seacell are popular. It’s a nice yarn but I have to admit it absolutely honked when wet, just like rotten seaweed really. Thankfully, there’s but a trace when it’s dry, let just hope the wrappees don’t drool too much…

I called the warp ‘Ethereal’, I hope you can see why. 

Finally, thank you for the lovely response I had to my last post, I was very touched that you took the time to read and if you also commented for taking the time to do that too.

Wheely good

Meet ‘Aunt Sally’, my new wheelchair. She’s very light, responsive and easy to use, well as being a most fetching metallic blue.

So how did I end up here? Well, as you will know if read my blog regularly, I have been experiencing an increase in symptoms (I have M.E. and fibromyalgia), my fatigue and pain has restricted the activities I’m able to engage in significantly. But throughout the course of my illness it has never occurred to me to get a wheelchair, I mean I can walk right? Only really disabled people use one, and anyway I’m just putting it all on for a bit of attention (believe me there is still a little part of me that thinks like this).

However, the turning point was a Saturday evening, a few weeks ago combined with registering at a new GP practice and having a review.

Mr Weaving Heart whisked me off to see the Highland Military Tattoo, over at Fort George, just outside Inverness. We knew it would be demanding for me so I rested up for a couple of days prior to going and my thoughtful hubby packed various blankets, coats, waterproofs so I would be as comfortable as possible. He bought ‘disabled’ tickets so we would be able to park closer to the Fort and made sure I had my stick with me too.

Despite all of this, and the sterling efforts of the Tattoo personnel, it still involved quite a lot of walking and sitting in hard plastic seating for over a couple of hours. The actual Tattoo was amazing, I would heartily recommend it to everyone; for two hours I had no thoughts about how I felt, I was completely absorbed in the performance.

Afterwards was a different matter though, I was in a lot of pain and completely wiped out. While we were there we observed a few wheelchair users and I’d felt a little envious of them. I raised the topic with Mr Weaving Heart the following day, expecting him to tell me not to be ridiculous, except he didn’t. Instead, he spoke of how he’d thought for a while that I needed one, but he hadn’t wanted to upset me.

So after a bit of research, combined with talking through the course of my condition with the new GP which always brings it home how much my life has changed, ‘Aunt Sally’ (I always name my fibre equipment, why not this?) has come to live with us.

Oh my word, it’s completely changed my life. Really. We’ve had a couple of shopping trips, one on a very fatigued day where without it there would be no chance of me leaving the house, as well as a few walks out with the dogs. Rather than feeling embarrassed or invisible, I’ve felt empowered and have a real sense of freedom. It’s very comfy, I can wheel myself a short distance, which isn’t nearly as tiring as walking, and randomly my Mother-in-Law is over the moon (it turns out she’s also thought I would benefit from one for a good while)!

Finally, rather than reducing the amount of exercise I get, I think it’s increased it. The trips out using my chair are not replacing walking, instead they’re replacing times I would have spent resting. It’s so good to be able to get out more and join my husband and dogs on a few of their walks. I’m very fortunate as we do live somewhere quiet and safe, I’ve only encountered kindness and thoughtfulness from others towards me and I suspect it would be a little different in a big city. My next goal is a scooter, watch out Helmsdale!

Lastly, I came across this recently and want to share it with you. Enjoy your day.

New start

It’s been so long! This is the longest time between posts ever, in the three years I’ve been blogging.

Do I feel guilty? A little but to be honest there has been so much going on that I’ve had neither the time nor inclination. I’m still not sure whether or not I’ll continue with this, however, I’m sure you have better ways to spend your day than read about my dilemmas.

So on with the news…we finally moved, at the beginning of August, to Helmsdale. It’s a small fishing village on the North East coast of the Highlands and it’s very quiet and peaceful. It’s a little different from living in a field and we have actual proper neighbours, can walk to the shop and library as well as now being opposite a medical centre (très useful as you can imagine).

the harbour

our view, look street lights!

So a month on, we’re fairly settled and are very happy.

Obviously, there has been some downsizing in respect to my studio. I’m now residing in our spare bedroom and space is a little tight but it’s fine, I am downsizing the weaving per se too so I’m sure it’ll work.

Health-wise I’ve been up and down which was to be expected with such a big change; Mr Weaving Heart has been incredible and has pretty much single handedly managed the whole move and has been super patient with my limitations.

There has been a lot of spinning going on, both wheel and spindle and I’m in middle of another spin along so I’ll leave you with some of the latest projects. Thanks for sticking with me.

spindle spun fibre from Nunoco

Cria alpaca from Knivesmire Alpacas