I’m completely engrossed in the Tour de Fleece (more on that next time) but managed to finished a knitted shawl just before it started.

There’s generally not much knitting around here lately so I feel especially pleased I managed to actually finish something rather than keep up with the butterfly approach to WIPs I seem to have adopted (I’ve been considering a blog about the number of knitting and crocheting projects I have on the go. I hang my head in shame).

I had some rather lovely undyed grey polwarth/silk roving I had spun up, with the vague idea of using it for weft but I was a bit worried about whether it would hold up so not wanting to risk it I searched out a simple but with enough interest to stop it being deadly shawl on Ravelry. Do you know how hard that is?

Honestly, the little yarn pixies living in the Ravelry search function hide all the relevant patterns until you finally find something vaguely resembling what you had in mind, cast on, commit to the damn thing then next time you log into Ravelry taunt you with all the perfect projects that could have been. Sigh. 

Anyway this time I managed to foil their pesky tricks and found Moonshadow, a very wearable and easy shawl that is right up my street.

Just lots of lovely soothing garter stitch with cleverly placed increases…then when you run out of yarn, there’s the option of finishing with a cute ruffle in a different colour (or the same, you make the rules remember).

So I decided that a little skein of support spindle spun yarn* would be just right. And it is, I love everything about this. Except for one thing. It’s summer and the last thing I want is a warm and snuggly shawl wrapped around my neck. Bring on Autumn I say.

*’Arwen’ batts from Wild Hair Studio on Etsy, spun as part of a spin along and very pretty with the odd pop of sparkle.

2 thoughts on “Moonshadow 

  1. Anne Davis

    Great blog as usual.
    This shawl is stunning Rachel.
    I know what you mean about Ravelry.
    Even putting patterns into “favourites” doesn’t work as I usually then end up with yarn that doesn’t work with any of them anyway.

  2. salpal1

    lol how does Ravelry know how to do this? It drives me crazy, too. I wonder if they wait until you create a project page? I have even tried not choosing but doing various similar searches. It can take forever to find the right pattern. 🙂

    Your shawl is beautiful, I love the colored ruffle to give it some pop. You will wear it soon enough. 🙂


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