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I’m completely engrossed in the Tour de Fleece (more on that next time) but managed to finished a knitted shawl just before it started.

There’s generally not much knitting around here lately so I feel especially pleased I managed to actually finish something rather than keep up with the butterfly approach to WIPs I seem to have adopted (I’ve been considering a blog about the number of knitting and crocheting projects I have on the go. I hang my head in shame).

I had some rather lovely undyed grey polwarth/silk roving I had spun up, with the vague idea of using it for weft but I was a bit worried about whether it would hold up so not wanting to risk it I searched out a simple but with enough interest to stop it being deadly shawl on Ravelry. Do you know how hard that is?

Honestly, the little yarn pixies living in the Ravelry search function hide all the relevant patterns until you finally find something vaguely resembling what you had in mind, cast on, commit to the damn thing then next time you log into Ravelry taunt you with all the perfect projects that could have been. Sigh. 

Anyway this time I managed to foil their pesky tricks and found Moonshadow, a very wearable and easy shawl that is right up my street.

Just lots of lovely soothing garter stitch with cleverly placed increases…then when you run out of yarn, there’s the option of finishing with a cute ruffle in a different colour (or the same, you make the rules remember).

So I decided that a little skein of support spindle spun yarn* would be just right. And it is, I love everything about this. Except for one thing. It’s summer and the last thing I want is a warm and snuggly shawl wrapped around my neck. Bring on Autumn I say.

*’Arwen’ batts from Wild Hair Studio on Etsy, spun as part of a spin along and very pretty with the odd pop of sparkle.

High fibre diet

Oh man, I’m a shocking blogger right now. I guess my excuse is that we’re in the middle of moving (in just over 2 weeks time) as well as all the other busy things I get up to and it now being the Tour de Fleece. So I’d better make up for it right now.

Lots has been going on, not least a trip down south to family that I managed to time along with Woolfest, funny huh? I only got a couple of hours there so raced round like a mad thing, well raced as fast as you can when faced with a seething horde of knitters/spinners/crocheters.

As it’s a couple of years at least since the last time I went, I’d forgotten how completely awesome it is: the fibre, the sheep, the yarn as well as a million other things to do with wool in every shape and form.

I had strict instructions not to buy any more equipment so I decided I wanted to look for a scarf/shawl kit, try a couple of wheels (try, not buy!) and have a look for some wool combs (technically equipment but anything that I could lift with one hand didn’t count in my opinion).

I also managed to catch up with the lovely Helen of My Fine Weaving yarn; I’ve spoken to her a few times as well as exchanging lots of emails and it was great to finally put a face to the person. Seeing all of her beautiful yarns in real life was amazing too and I had to remove myself fairly quickly before I bought the entire stall.

I found this kit from The Little Grey Sheep for a crocheted scarf. The wool is sheared, spun and dyed locally and the colours are stunning, they work together really well and there’s no instructions for the order to use them in as each one is cleverly designed to compliment all of the others.

I bought some mini-combs and of course found a fleece to use them on. It’s a Gotland and I’m very fond of that particular wool, as it has a long crimpy staple with fabulous lustre.

And that is it, apart from the odd skein of alpaca and bag of roving but nothing particularly extravagant. I am very proud of myself!

It took a few days to get back on track after getting back home but I did receive some really good news on my return to let me know that the MRI I had a while ago was normal apart from showing up a dodgy neck which I already knew about; this was a huge relief despite trying not to worry about it much.

I’m now on the third stage of the 2016 Tour de Fleece. For those of you not in the know, it is an event on Ravelry that runs alongside the Tour de France. Spinners join groups and set themselves challenges, like spinning every day during the Tour, and the competitive groups also aim to spin the most between their members over the two weeks. There are challenge days as well as rest days, like the cycling event and it’s good fun. I’ve joined two groups but I have to admit, I’m having trouble staying up to date with both of them already as I’d much rather be spinning than chatting on Ravelry. I’ve set myself several goals: to spin for making my own hand woven curtains for the new house, learn how to spin in beads and spin and post a daily update. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and finished a skein on my Schacht Reeves yesterday and am spinning some beautiful silk/yak top on my Mirkwood support spindles. A new one arrived today, called Arwen (left in the photo), she is very glamorous and I’m currently dressing her up in something suitably elvish.

I’ve also created a Weaving Heart Ravelry group that you can find here, it’s very quiet right now so please join us and liven it up a bit, I look forward to ‘seeing’ you.