The nameless one

Wow it’s been a bit busy around here lately! 

We’ve had our house on the market for a few months with no interest and then had two viewings on the same day only for both of them to make an offer. So there was a bit of a mad panic to find us a new place to store fibre and sleep in. Hopefully and tootsies crossed we have; it’s in a little Highland seaside village about 60 miles south of where we are now called Helmsdale. Although not that far away, it’s just that little bit closer to Inverness and the main hospital and other services which will make a huge difference. 

It’s also slightly larger but with a much much smaller garden so easier (in theory) to care for and has a downstairs bathroom and a study that could be used as a bedroom if needed. I’m slowly getting a little more realistic about what I can and can’t do so this will make life for both of us a whole lot easier.

Anyway, onto more exciting fibery loveliness. I’ve been spinning a lot.  Both on the wheels and using the support spindles. It’s funny as when I first started spinning it was a means to an end, I wanted to be able to knit with handspun. Now I’m hardly knitting at all, just spinning and more spinning.

Isn’t that pretty? They are some rolags from BakewellHeart on Etsy, I have a big thing for pink right now. Please excuse the dog hairs, they get everywhere and I reckon that most of my handspun contains 10% furbaby. 

This is my most recent finished spindle spun, a whopping 119g 550m of Nunoco ‘Sea Glass’ (perfect name).

And finally this week’s spinning on the ladybug, some stunning gradient dyed merino/alpaca/silk top from Fiberartimis, also on Etsy. 

I have started crocheting some little squares to use up some handspun odds and ends that may be come a blanket at some point (ok realistically more like a cushion cover) and I love how they look.

Don’t get too excited, they’ve already been relegated to the WIP pile as I’m now making a Summer wreath for our new wee hoosie.

5 thoughts on “The nameless one

  1. salpal1

    Sounds like lots is happening at your house. πŸ™‚ wonderful news on hopefully a sale! so if you are spinning a lot and not knitting, what are you doing with all the lovely yarn? πŸ™‚


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