Not rant

Inspired by my new Lord of the Rings themed spindles from MirkwoodArt and fibre by WildHair Studio (both on Etsy), I wound a warp for Mr Weaving Heart based on the scary Ungoliant. 

Ungoliant, mother of Shelob was known as the Spider of Night. She wove her dark webs and devoured all light, creating Unlight. Of her many wicked deeds, she may be best known for draining the life from the Two Trees of Valinor. Afterwards she demanded Morgoth give her the gems stolen from Formenos and she devoured those as well.

The Ungoliant warp is inspired by the ‘Gloomweaver’ with touches of the unlight she creates and the light and gems she devours (unashamedly plagiarised from WildHair Fiber as she puts it so well and if I include the link maybe someone will take a look at her shop and buy something).

There are two wraps from this warp, neither of which have sold yet, most likely due to the dark inspiration behind them! However when the muse takes you…

Anyway, weaving isn’t really what I wished to write about today. This post is much calmer than the original one I had planned but thankfully I have learned enough bout blogging to know when to sit on things a few days before telling you about it. I am no longer going to use the label ‘vegan’ in respect to myself. 

I have been a member of several online communities for quite  few years now, from Ravelry to smaller fibre based Facebook groups or online forums about health issues. On the whole people I come across in those are generally friendly, kind and supportive. I have found friends through some of them and endless inspiration and knowledge.

So it was natural for me to join some vegan groups too. I have since left them all (except a couple on Ravelry) as there is a preponderance of mean, vindictive folk many of whom like to play the ‘I’m more vegan than you’ game. They feel entitled to point out that you can’t possibly be vegan because you buy things containing palm oil/figs/fairy dust or use plastic toothbrushes, frog hair or pre loved wool. The list is endless and just when you think you have it cracked another one pops up to judge your lifestyle. I have to point out that there are also many lovely member of these groups but I have found myself more upset by comments made by some other vegans in just a few months than I ever have from other online communities.

I have an illness that is exacerbated by stress so I try to minimise that as much as possible. 

It’s funny because pre vegan days no one thought to question my choices but there seems that once you start calling yourself vegan, the world and it’s cat think it’s ok to have a go. Well I’m back to being just me thanks and if you feel the urge to judge me remember that when you point a finger at someone there are always three other fingers pointing back.

6 thoughts on “Not rant

  1. rmwk100

    So sorry you’ve been battling all this nasty online stress. If only we could all concentrate on self-control, rather than on criticising others, how much better the world would be! Funnily enough, this is what I wrote about on my blog today. Do take care of yourself. Love from Ruth.

  2. Gary Raynor

    Bloody vegans 💜💜💜💜💜 food fascists 💜💜💜💜💜

  3. Jo Williams

    I love the dark wrap that’s 4.2 metres and I’m looking for a linen blend but it’s too long for me. Maybe I’ll see if I can sell some things And learn to use a longer wrap again. I’d love to get one of yours before end of babywearing as I used to live at reiss beach!   Jo Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Hello, thanks for your comment. It’s lovely to hear from someone who used to stay so close to us. Keep an eye on the Facebook page as I should have some semi customs coming up next week and I would give you priority. If the colours aren’t to your liking there’s also a warp due based on beachy colours and I would be happy to weave one in a length you’d like then you have first refusal on it 😊

  4. Woolbothy

    As long as you’re happy with your own decisions, then to hell with the finger pointers. You don’t need a label to be a good person. x


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