Ok, after the rather intense vegan post, I thought I’d share a few projects I’m currently working on.

Above is the warp that has just gone onto Ollie; it’s a custom wrap based on some Aurora photos, for a lovely mama who is needing something bright and cheery. There will be a lot of care going into this one (I mean emotionally; a lot of care always goes into the making of my wraps) and it’s to be woven in a simple diamond twill which will be lovely. 

(Geekery: 8/2 Egyptian cotton warp at 25 epi, 22/2 black cottolin weft with silver blessing threads)
Next we have this:

Just a little hooky; the pattern is a Ravelry download called ‘Tides of Change’ by Frank o’Randle. I’ve realised I prefer to crochet circles with different patterns each round, it kind of livens things up.

Spinning wise I’m plying this:

Isn’t it yummy? I still have tons of animal spinning fibre in my stash and this is a textured batt from Cottage Alpaca Creations on Etsy

and I’ve spun the singles on two top whorl spindles and am in the middle of plying it on a Turkish. I’m hoping there will be enough for a small pair of fingerless gloves.

So that’s it, just simple fibre crafts, no bells or whistles, just uncomplicated loveliness. Enjoy your weekend.

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