Another one down and dusted

I’m getting those bad boy WIPs packed off to FO (Finished Object) Land with a vengeance. It feels sooo good to actually be completing things rather than adding more to the pile of Works In Progress. It’s also making the Christmas list look a little more manageable too. Win all round then.

This one isn’t a present but has gone up for sale in the Etsy shop on the off chance that someone fancies actually paying a more realistic price for the work involved as opposed to lots of other items for sale that have been handmade on a small scale. Fair trade works in the UK too you know.

It’s been a bit of a journey this one. Each individual square and rectangle has been made from lots of different stitches often using different hook sizes. I have no idea how many ends needed sewing in but I reckon around 18 on average for each square. The yarn was lovely to work with, from Stylecraft, containing 25% wool. It’s washable and the colours should stay true forever I think! Where ever this ends up, I think it will be a true heirloom.

The pattern was designed and well written by Jane Crowfoot and can still be downloaded for free from the Stylecraft website. 


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