Finishing frenzy


Since finishing the epic project that was my ‘Wild Apple’ bohus cardigan (pause while I just remember that and feel all ‘glowy’) I have made a commitment to finishing off some of the huge pile of WIPs that seem to have accumulated.

I was able to put to bed a knitting project last week, but I’m can’t show you as it’s getting to That Time of Year and it is going to be a Christmas present.

Then I reached into the depths of my crochet drawers and pulled out the ‘Lily Pad CAL’. The actual Crochet ALong ended quite a while back (fail) but I was surprised to discover quite how far I had got along with it; there’s only three parts left to do. It’s a pattern for Stylecraft by Jane Crowfoot and is the cutest blanket ever; some of you may remember when I started it but I soon lost interest and it somehow got stuffed into the darkest depths of my hibernating projects pile.


When finished, it will just be a lap blanket (I know, what’s the use??) made up of squares and rectangles in lots of pinks, greens and teal. I’ll try not to get distracted…


2 thoughts on “Finishing frenzy

  1. salpal1

    That is going to be pretty! Love the little flowers. As for what’s the use – well, if you don’t keep it for yourself, gift it to a nursing home – lap blankets are good things for people who sit a lot. Or to a homeless shelter – they can always use blankets that can go in baby carriages and strollers. 🙂


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