Wild Apple

I can’t hold off any longer. I really did mean to wait until I took some half decent photos, in daylight, with an actual camera rather than my phone, and actually wearing it but I have to show you.

Four months, on toothpicks, aka 2.5mm needles with hand dyed angora merino yarn in lots of greens and reds, and it’s finally finished. And IT FITS!!

Enough wittering, I’ll just show you my shabby excuses for photos:

the yarn and  pattern from Angora Garnet (here

The beginning of the stranded yoke

The yoke all finished

The first arm…

The inside of the colourwork

And done. Now what shall I do next?

7 thoughts on “Wild Apple

  1. Cathy

    Rachel, this piece of ‘artwork’ is just stupendous! You should be very pleased. You are one talented gal. I’m sure it won’t be very long before you set too on another fabulous piece. xx


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