Life on the fly

Life is flying by, I try to blog at least once a week and no sooner do I write one post then it’s time for the next.

Each day is much like the last, in a good way, a very good way.

I wake up naturally, that is as naturally as you can get on the amount of tablets I take, after Mr Weaving Heart has got up to take the dogs out (what a star). I had a brief moment of insanity last week where I thought it would be good to wake up a little earlier and set my alarm. There were all sorts of plans about starting my day an hour nearer dawn and how this would mean more could be packed into the next few hours.

I’d forgotten how utterly miserable dragging yourself from the depths of sleep is. I’ve spent years and years waking earlier than my body wishes so I can get to school / college / uni / work / tend to my son. Not nearly so many years as many of you but plenty enough so that plan lasted all of one morning.

So although I take my time waking, I do try and have a schedule. ‘Work’ starts at 10 (ish) and ends at 5. Every day. I don’t take weekends, occasionally a day off which means rather than working from the shed, I work in the house. That’s the problem with turning your hobby into your business, what on earth do you do to relax??? 

This way of life is incredibly good for me, my health is stable (except for the odd virus)  and there is absolutely no inclination to go on holiday.

Are you ready to never read this blog again and wish evils upon me? Well I would be if I were reading this.

The thing is, every dream requires sacrifice. I can’t nor do I wish to tell you ours; I can tell you that although I’m living my dream, it doesn’t change who I am inside. I have low days (sometimes weeks, my nature is inclined towards mild depression), Mr Weaving Heart and I can drive each other a tiny bit crazy sometimes, I miss my son and family, I get anxious (do you know, I thought work made me anxious, because of the whole defensive practice necessary in the NHS – cover your back or else – turns out I just get anxious, who knew?) and I have to make a conscious effort to remember my fortune.

It’s a bit like living in a beautiful part of the UK, stunning scenery but we get midges.

So there you have this week’s episode, I have to go, I have next week’s to write.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the photo is what’s currently on Ollie right now.

4 thoughts on “Life on the fly

  1. Carol Ashworth

    This is beautiful! I’m new to weaving on a rigid heddle loom. Got a 20 inch Schacht flip loom. I have done some plain weaving and it look nice .( happy with myself).. I look at this and just don’t know where to begin something like this. Nice work and color choices.

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Thank you. I started with a rigid heddle too, it’s a really good way to learn the main principles, happy weaving!


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