Roses are red…

I’ve recently fallen down the rabbit hole of unusual fibres and a couple of weeks ago discovered pearl infused rose fibre from Blue Barn Fiber.

Now this confused me somewhat as somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my mind I knew that fibre from roses exists. However, this isn’t actually made from roses, but is basically cellulose from various plants like oats and other grains; the name comes from the Chinese word for ‘soft’ which also means rose. 

OK, so now I’ve cleared that one up, it is, however, infused with pearls, or so the manufacturers claim (not Blue Barn but the actual original manufacturers), as well as claiming various other wondrous properties like ‘moisturising’ and anti-fungal. Hmmm. 

Well there was great excitement (on my part anyway, strangely Mr Weavingheart appeared rather unmoved) when it arrived earlier this week looking like this:

Rather lovely I’m sure you agree.

It looks exactly like a lot of other cellulose fibres like Seacell (from seaweed) and I wondered if it was the same until I tried spinning it. It was easier and not quite as ‘sticky’ thankfully.

While I didn’t actually notice my hands getting softer and softer (some good old lanolin soaked wool is great for that!), it has turned out to be quite gorgeous with a silky sheen.

150g (700m) which is the most and the finest yarn I’ve ever spun so something rather wondrous about it anyway.

4 thoughts on “Roses are red…

    1. weavingheart Post author

      It was lovely to spin and I’ve now ‘aquired’ 500g of real rose fibre to play with 😉 thank you for reading x


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