New loooom!

Apologies for being a little quiet on the blog front, the New Loom arrived and I’ve been consumed by overwhelm.

It’s a great big thing compared to David and we’ve taken a few days to get to know each other. Well, there’s a whole load of getting to know each other to do yet but I’ve at least managed to wade through my first warp – a modest kitchen towel affair.

As you may know; she’s a Louet Octavia Dobby Loom with 8 shafts (clue’s in the name) so it involves complicated things like a laptop and electricity.

I had the usual issues of getting the laptop to speak to the loom. You know, where you stand next to them pointing and shouting ‘what do you mean ‘no devices found?!?’ It’s THERE! Right next to you!’, before resisting the urge to launch said laptop through a window.

But we got there, after a bit of dismantling and Mr Weaving Heart’s soothing tones. 

Here she is in all her naked glory

  The worst part was that I had a custom warp to finish on David and had to do so while gazing longingly at Ollie (short for Olivia the Octado; am I the only person who names their fibre equipment??). 

Finally I got the chance to play

Weaving on a dobby is completely different and will take a while to get used to; it’s a little unnerving  not thinking about treadling and I’ve yet to learn how to use the weaving software properly (as in deliberately doing stuff rather than it all being a bit of a fluke).

Here is the very first finished project: kitchen towels. Why? Because you can never have enough. Unlike me, so cheerio for now.



5 thoughts on “New loooom!

    1. weavingheart Post author

      I’m very lucky, I love Louet so I’m hoping this will live up to their high standards


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