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Spinning a yarn

Yep, I agree, it’s a very cheesy title but I just can’t (won’t) do any better right now I’m afraid.

I bought some batts from Nunoco recently. I was extremely pleased with them when they arrived, you know, they fell into the ‘looks even better in real life’ category rather than the ‘crashing disappointment as I’m sure the photo looked different’ one. 

Full of everything I love – merino (the extra lovely fine kind) and fire star for added twinkle.

I decided to spin in a way to preserve the gradient, I think there’s most likely a clever name for this (half assed fractal I think) (half assed as I didn’t properly in any way shape or form divide the fibre up properly) (google it, if you don’t know what it means but it’s something to do with maths and stuff).

For a half assed effort, I’m very pleased.


WIPs GaloreĀ 

just a quick post as I have little chance to blog, I’m snowed under with Works In Progress so no time to stop and chat.

My Bohus kit arrived yesterday so of course I had to start that immediately; it’s a traditional form of Swedish knitting that’s a bit like fair isle but knit on teeny tiny tooth picks so it’ll take a while. This is an entire evening’s knitting:

Then we have the Lilypond Crochet ALong (CAL)


It’s very pretty but a bit of a pita to actually make.

Then there’s the other CAL, that’s kind of come to a standstill as I need to order more yarn 


And finally, the emergency shawl from down south, the new needles have arrived but it’s kind of been discarded and forgotten about.

Bare in mind these are the current WIPs, I’m sure if I looked hard enough I’d find plenty more. Oh, I forgot about this one, the coast blanket which is my ‘go to’ project when I’ve run out of other things to do….


New loooom!

Apologies for being a little quiet on the blog front, the New Loom arrived and I’ve been consumed by overwhelm.

It’s a great big thing compared to David and we’ve taken a few days to get to know each other. Well, there’s a whole load of getting to know each other to do yet but I’ve at least managed to wade through my first warp – a modest kitchen towel affair.

As you may know; she’s a Louet Octavia Dobby Loom with 8 shafts (clue’s in the name) so it involves complicated things like a laptop and electricity.

I had the usual issues of getting the laptop to speak to the loom. You know, where you stand next to them pointing and shouting ‘what do you mean ‘no devices found?!?’ It’s THERE! Right next to you!’, before resisting the urge to launch said laptop through a window.

But we got there, after a bit of dismantling and Mr Weaving Heart’s soothing tones. 

Here she is in all her naked glory

  The worst part was that I had a custom warp to finish on David and had to do so while gazing longingly at Ollie (short for Olivia the Octado; am I the only person who names their fibre equipment??). 

Finally I got the chance to play

Weaving on a dobby is completely different and will take a while to get used to; it’s a little unnerving  not thinking about treadling and I’ve yet to learn how to use the weaving software properly (as in deliberately doing stuff rather than it all being a bit of a fluke).

Here is the very first finished project: kitchen towels. Why? Because you can never have enough. Unlike me, so cheerio for now.



extreme yarn emergency no. 2

When I wrote the last post I had no idea (in fact, naively hadn’t even imagined) that things could get worse. Much worse.

After paying a rush visit to the yarn shops and investing heavily in lots of lovely yarn to insure I had plenty to get on with, I was happily knitting away and the Shadow Shawl was growing and growing.

It’s a great project;  it uses two different yarns which provides enough entertainment so I don’t get bored (it doesn’t take much) but is simple enough to knit while sitting for hours upon endless hours in the Emergency Department (another story completely but be reassured that everyone is fine and well now). Although I have to confess I needed to frog the odd row where I’d forgotten to purl instead of knit. 

I fell into a false sense of crafty security and spent the last evening in England bullying Mr Weaving Heart into helping me wind the final couple of skeins into balls ready for the journey home.

We had just set off on the 12 hour journey from Mansfield to Caithness and I had carelessly laid said knitting in the foot well of the car when I heard a sickening crunch. I knew what had happened before I even looked. It was only a little crunch, more of a slight snap really and I moved from awareness to denial in the frighteningly quick manner I have honed over the years.

Maybe, I said to myself, maybe that was just my iPhone screen cracking, or perhaps somehow I had confused my knitting for our packed lunch and it was really a packet of wotsits I had just trodden on.

It wasn’t to be though. Very very sad face.

Can you see it? It is just the very tip and I gallantly tried  to continue knitting but of course even the tiniest scratch on a needle tip can snag on yarn (unless it’s super dooper flammable acrylic Brillo pad type stuff) and it was hopeless. I was facing eleven and a half hours in a small space where the only thing between me and insanity was being able to use the soothing meditative power of knitting.

You know the only thing worse? Surviving the journey only to get home and discovering that not only had I broken a knitting pin but, despite having two full sets of Knitpro Interchangeables plus several sets of varying other brands it was my only pair in that size. 

I’m sulking now and have returned to crocheting. Have that knitting!