Extreme Yarn Emergency

I encountered a truly stressful and anxiety provoking situation yesterday.

We have travelled down South (or dahn Sarf as they say here) and I thought I had come well prepared. I packed my spinning wheel (the Ladybug) with some fibre, my latest Sophie’s Universe Throw project plus, just in case, a half completed shawl knit using some handspun. Plenty to keep me going for a week away; I usually over-estimate the amount of yarn time I’ll get but better too much than too little. However, it was mostly a completely epic fail. 

Someone who shall remain nameless broke the lazy kate on my wheel so I managed to finished spinning my singles within a couple of hours only to discover I wasn’t able to ply it and am now empty bobbin-less.

I also managed to use up all of two colours for my crocheting so am unable to carry on until we get home when the yarn to complete Sophie will be waiting…progress thus far:

It will be for our bed, but someone who continues to remain nameless thought the total yarn needed was too expensive so I had to ration my orders (are you beginning to see a theme yet?). 

Then while we were stuck in a three hour traffic jam (yes really. THREE hours), I managed to finish the hand spun shawl.

So, I ran out of yarn. If you are a non knitter/crocheter/crafty type, it is a bit like one of the cast of Made in Chelsea running out of fake tan, or the Strictly Come Dancing dress department running out of sparkles. An absolute disaster darling.

So at the first chance available I quick footed it into Nottingham to do a tour of yarn shops, enabled by the nameless person. I went to Knit Nottingham where I found some hand dyed sock blanks dyed by a local dyer 


These are rectangles of pre knitted yarn that’s dyed, unravelled then you can reknit them into socks or a shawl and you end up with really lovely effects.

Next was the Yarn Loft which was just heaven. Piles and piles of beautiful yarn from places like Fyberspates, Juniper Moon and Arucania. Absolute bliss. I came away with a pattern and yarn from Manos del Uruguay to knit another shawl.

As well as some Fyberspates Scrumptious lace and sock yarn, just to stroke as needed.

So I feel much much better and Mr Weaving Heart has truly redeemed himself. Phew. 

6 thoughts on “Extreme Yarn Emergency

  1. rmwk100

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about all this stress, and I do hope you’re feeling rather better today. Stuff happens and forgiveness is very important, so I hope you’ve both made it up. Spending a huge hug. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. spinweaverbarbara

    The best cure for a yarn emergency is to go shopping. Hope you can get your lazy Kate fixed. In an extreme emergency the singles can be wrapped around a toilet paper roll centre freeing up your bobbin for more spinning.


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