Normal service has resumed 

 There are an abnormal number of posts this week, today is just a crochet update. Above, Stanley the cat, whose house we stay in, is inspecting the Sophie CAL. She’s getting rather large and unwieldy; we’re close to the finish line I believe, well about five weeks away, having been on the go since the beginning of this year. I’ll be very sad to see the back of her as she’s been great fun.

Next we have the other CAL (crochet along) for you. This is the lilypond one by Jane Crowfoot and Stylecraft. It’s very pretty but a real PITA to actually make so I’m taking my time.  

It’s going to be a lap blanket make from a combination of rectangles and squares. 

Then there is the crocheting I do in between CALs, just a straightforward blanket in the ‘Coast’ colours from Attic24.

  The photo is a few days old now so it’s slightly larger now.

Finally, a flower, just because everyone needs a flower.


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