Spinny spin spin…


I’m still like a kid with a new toy as far as the Matchless wheel is concerned, we’re slowly getting to know each other and our quirks (clearly I have none, she has a clackety bobbin).

Someone gifted me a lovely plait of blended roving; we had been chatting on a Facebook crochet group and she generously offered to send me 100g of fibre as she can’t spin (yet!!).


Made by Spin City, it’s a blend of various fibres, I’m not sure exactly what, but I think it’s some merino, bamboo and a little blue faced leicester at a guess. It was gorgeous to spin, as well as quick, just one evening took care of all of it and it became a very lovely skein.

My latest project, however, is something a little different. I’m planning a custom baby wrap with a friend and we are talking about using handspun cotton. Now I’ve never spun anything other than wool before, except in blends like the above, so this is a completely new adventure.

Cotton has a very short staple (fibre length) so I took some advice from another Facebook group (you can tell I’m a little addicted to a certain social networking site, much to my husband’s annoyance), oiled my wheel, set it up on double drive so there is very little draw-in and used my high speed whorl and bobbins for the first time (watch out Jeremy Clarkson, I’ll be overtaking..).

It was a tad (read ‘very’) tricky at first but I’m stubborn so stuck with it. I found it strange getting used to working with so much twist and such a fine thread; it has to be as you need lots of twist to keep the yarn together and the thinner it is, the more twist per fibre there is.

This is the result so far, one bobbin of dental floss, that I’m very proud of.


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