In the dark

Oh heavens, I was planning on writing a heart warming post that started as follows:

There is a quote from Louise Phillipe: ‘In the darkest dark, stars shine brightest’

Well it has been very dark in Caithness this last weekend due to an extended powercut after severe gales and ‘extreme weather’.
My Facebook feed is full of kind offers of help and support to those without electricity but for me, my stars have been my husband and our dogs.
Since moving to the Far North, we have become accustomed to regular powercuts, often lasting several hours but our lights go back on fairly quickly, certainly before the freezer gets a chance to complain anyway. This one, however has been a little challenging as it lasted the best part of 3 days for us although longer for some poor souls…

However, to be completely honest, I’m an awful wimp when it comes to any kind of discomfort and was pretty miserable while it lasted. I know that I am lucky to have access to things like unlimited clean water, a safe house and plentiful food but I. Hated. It. And didn’t feel grateful for those things at all. Bah humbug and off I stomp in a tantrum.

I’d love to be the kind of person from whose lips fall inspirational sayings and float around in a cloud of peaceful joy but it just isn’t going to happen. The fact that I managed to get out of bed at all during the power cut was a miracle beyond belief. The day was spent swinging from wanting to kill all the (most likely extremely hardworking) electricity engineers for not sorting out our supply immediately (do they not know how important I am?!?) and wanting to break down and sob on the doorstep of someone who still had power in the hope they would take pity on a random stranger and let me in to get warm.

In my dark, my star definitely did not shine brightest, in fact it went out with a fairly pathetic phut.

Thankfully the snow arrived after the power was restored, I dread to think how I would have managed if it had been the other way around. So we are surrounded by very pretty scenery like this, that kind of makes up for it. Well, a tad.



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