Well hello 2015

According to Ravelry, Christmas Eve is the day that most WIPs (Works in Progress in knitterspeak) are finished. I imagine a hoard of knitters, crochters and weavers frantically beavering away to get that last handmade present finished. Well, I didn’t meet that particular deadline but I have already tucked this year’s first FO (finished object) under my (knitted) belt. Meet the Ripple Blanket

2.4m by 1.4m of snuggly acrylic (I know, I know) loveliness.

I’m gradually adding to my collection of luridly brightly coloured accessories in the conservatory. It all started a couple of years ago when I was having a relapse with M.E. and feeling a bit low, so I decided I needed a bit of colour in my life and the crochet manmade yarn adventure began. I do love wool, you, as a loyal reader know this by now, but you can’t beat something that can be thrown into the washing machine at the drop of a hat (or cup of tea) without worry. The cheap as chips yarn is a bonus too.
For all wool purists out there (I know at least one of you!) you’ll be relieved to know that the next WIP is a poncho in Blue Face Leicester wool. Undyed. Phew.
Meanwhile on Sarah there is a purple and green warp that has turned into a Caithness inspired piece, with little wooly clouds of Jacob fleece

Handspun ‘Caithness Stone’ weft

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f70/53268152/files/2015/01/img_5038.jpg and some clasped weft (I could make up some random Caithness association with this but, honestly, it just looks nice)


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