Wonky weaving

These are the latest wraps off the loom for a lovely mama in Singapore, called ‘Reflexion del Sol’ (the wraps that is rather than the mama).
These are not my usual colours so it’s been good to make something different. The inspiration photo was of a Spanish church with sunlight shining through the stained glass so it was a challenge to capture the luminosity. I used mercerised yarn for the warp, with a glorious sheen, to try and emulate this and over 800 threads with more than 12 colours (can’t remember exactly off the top of my head but there were a lot) of blues, greens, yellow and red.
I’m generally pleased with how they turned out although I had a couple of broken threads at one selvedge which caused some issues; when that happens it’s hard not to weave really quickly to get to the end before it all falls apart completely! Instead it’s way better to go against my instincts (isn’t it always?!?) and take more time and care to ensure the best possible result.
However, I was not best pleased with how it looked. To be completely honest, I went into a bit of denial, stormed ahead hemming and finishing the wraps which were posted earlier this week. Then I breathed and realised that This. Was. Not. Ok. I’ve had really good feedback on my selvedges and in the baby wearing world, good sharp fabric edges are a big deal and can affect the resale value, so I swallowed my fear and contacted the mama who had bought it. Needless to say she was lovely and will let me know her thoughts once the wrap arrives.
It’s reminded me that I just can’t sit with feeling uncomfortable about my actions. I learnt a while a go that for a peaceful and content life, I need to be able to look myself firmly in the mirror and know I’ve done good; not because I’m a ‘good’ person (I don’t believe in the concepts of good and bad in respect to people but more of that maybe another time) but because I, rather self interestedly, like to sleep easy. It also reinforces that life, difficult as it can be, is so much easier if we are open about our flaws, our wonky selvedges and broken threads.
Ok enough of the naval gazing, I’m going to show off the beautifully flawed wraps now…because aren’t we all?



2 thoughts on “Wonky weaving

  1. Fiona

    It is tricky. Although I seem to be providing a home to the waifs and strays of the weaving world and I love it! Not everything is meant to look factory perfect, sometimes the imperfections are the most beloved parts šŸ™‚


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