That’s the sound of me on a roller coaster. Well, if I’m being honest, it’s more of an ‘arrrrgggghhhheeeekkkk’.
Take a look but you must promise not to laugh

I’ve been on lots of these, both real and metaphorical over the past week or so.
I’ll start with the real ones first; we had a trip down South last week to visit family and also to take our son to Alton Towers as promised for his 21st (where did that go??). We had two days and one night there in the hotel which was fab but a bit of a shock to the system. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alton Towers, it is a huge (possibly the biggest in the UK?) theme park with rides that no sensible person over the age of 30 should go on. However, I’ve never claimed to be sensible so away I went, mostly with my eyes firmly shut.
It was great fun, very noisy and involved lots and lots of walking, junk food and laughter.
As for the other kinds of roller-coasters, I’ve officially left work and am completely at the mercy of the weaving Gods (or most likely Godesses). It’s still a bit terrifying but wonderful. So far it doesn’t feel like work, nor do I expect it to; thankfully as since we’ve been back from England, apart from sleeping and eating, we’ve had about 2 hours off.
Mr Weaving Heart is being marvellous at getting me organised and is the business manager so takes responsibility for all the bits I’m hopeless at like filing things and sorting out receipts. I tend to just throw them all on my ‘pile’ and hope nobody ever asks to see them! So, like all effective teams, our skills compliment each other and I’m very thankful not to feel as though I’m juggling everything desperately, as it had begun to over the last couple of months. When you do that eventually one of the balls fall and in respect to my last job and my health, the consequences of that could have been significant.
It’s funny but I’ve felt a little guilty about going self-employed because it doesn’t fit with the part of my being that learnt ‘good’ people work hard and if they don’t enjoy it that makes them even better. A crazy belief that is neither true nor useful but hard to let go of. There’s that little voice still asking ‘How dare you spend your life enjoying yourself?’ So I’m just going to keep shouting back at it ‘How dare NOT I?’.
So I’ll end with a few words from someone very wise, see you again soon.


4 thoughts on “Weeeee

  1. rmwk100

    Fab blog, as always. I guess it’s going to take you some months to fully adjust and adapt to such big changes. My very best wishes to you both, as you start to establish yourselves in this completely new way of life XXXXXXX

  2. Anne Davis

    You’re a great team and I wish you all the love in the world.
    You don’t need look because you’re weaving is amazing. xxxxx


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