Things are moving forward very quickly here at Weaving Heart Central. I’ve so wanted to tell you all about it but had other people who really needed to know first, like family and work.
Mr Weaving Heart and I have decided that there is little real safety in taking the ‘safe’ option and have quit proper work to focus on the weaving business.
I’ve also needed some time to collect my thoughts around this momentous occasion and whilst I feel relatively calm about it all consciously, I’m having lots of anxiety dreams (like being engulfed by a huge wave or running around naked – sorry erase that thought!) and my IBS is playing up.
Leaving the NHS is a little like leaving home. You know, the ‘standing on your own two feet’ feeling and the ‘I’m responsible for everything‘ feeling.
Employers can be like parents in a way; they look after you when you’re sick, like I have been a lot, they make big decisions into which you have little input, they essentially clothe, feed you and give you pocket money (an old work colleague used to call her pay ‘tips’ as it was so meagre!). So it’s no wonder it all makes me feel seventeen again.
I feel incredibly excited and blessed to be able to start another chapter of the book. My NHS work is very stressful at times and intensely rewarding but not good for my health, ironically, and not really sustainable for me health wise now either. My colleagues there have had so much on their plates having to cover for my long periods of absence that it only seems right to make space for someone else now.
My husband has similar issues around his job and he is going to be my assistant (mwa ha haaa, the power!!).
So, we applied for a business grant and were awarded funds to build a shed weaving studio.
My capable assistant has been digging a huge hole and then filled it with a lot of rubble.


He has had two helpers who have become experts at trailing muddy foot prints everywhere.

I’m planning an official opening to which you will all be invited. There will be lots of cake, I promise!

10 thoughts on “Mud

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Thank you. I hope to blog much more about my hopes and dreams for the business. The one with the floppy ears is Bess; she’s super cute and knows it!

  1. Fiona

    Wooohoooo!! HOW exciting! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great and have such fun! So much better to be doing something you love. Can’t wait to see the finished studio are Sarah and David excited about their new home?! Although your two little helpers might be sad when the digging phase is over!

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Sarah and david can’t wait ha ha! I think the doggies will be very happy as they won’t be needing baths any more…

  2. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Here we go mrs lovely x safe is for health and safety people….. Let’s go crazy for the rest of our lives… Live life and the edge….. We haven’t come this for through struggles and strife to sit back and let people pay our way…… Love you so much and all be Fabulous as long as we are together in our little studio…. X

  3. rmwk100

    Oh wow! Rachel, I can’t tell you how thrilled and nervous and amazed and admiring I am for you both! Thank you so much for sharing this news. I know how daunting it must be, but I have seen how rapidly your weaving and design work has taken off, and I’m convinced that you can make a success of this. Not only that, but I hope your health will become much better, and much more stable, away from the NHS. I still vividly remember how relentlessly the pressures grew in general practice over the years, how I used to develop a migraine every day I worked, and how I used to cry all the way home because I felt so terrible afterwards.

    You have TALENT in spades. Now you can give it free rein to blossom. Please give my very best wishes to your husband. I’m sure the two of you will work together magnificently (especially with the excellent help of your dogs)!

    **If you don’t want my single piece of advice, look away now: my husband and I swear by a daily meeting after breakfast, when we sort out what needs doing that day, and which of us is responsible. Any problems, resentments, issues etc we voice straightforwardly, and sort out without blame or recriminations. Most important, for each thing we need to do, we specify whether it needs doing NOW (pretty well immediately), SOON (definitely some time today), or LATER (another day, or even another week or month (this is known as being “glacial”). This alone has probably been the single best technique in keeping our marriage sweet and our lives together on a smooth course. I recommend it heartily **

    Right, advice over. You can look back now. If I can be of any help or support to you throughout the ups and downs of this big change, please just tell me, and I will do my very best. Remember it takes about five years to establish a new business, so be realistic in your expectations. I’m here on twitter, email, or on the phone 01624 824 208, and will always be delighted to hear from you, whatever the news.

    With love from Ruth XXXXXXX Blog: Twitter: @RMWK


    1. weavingheart Post author

      What a lovely, kind and considered comment, thank you. Yes, it certainly feels like the right thing for us to do and as long as we can just about keep our heads above water, which according to the figures we can, then we’ll be happy. I have no great plans for a business empire! I loved your ‘advice’, it was very gently given, and I accept it with gratitude. That sounds like a great idea and good way not to feel overwhelmed with things to do for both of you/us. We are pretty good at addressing feelings of resentment immediately, this has taken practice and some good few years of trust building but generally our communication is good (I hate to say that, part of me thinks we will now have an almighty row and both sulk for weeks!!).
      Anyway, thank you again and I will definitely call on you if needed xx


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