Dressing up

The family have returned home and calm has been restored at Weaving Heart. We had a great time with the Grand kids doing such things as treasure hunts and playing rounders. Mr Weaving Heart built a great den for them using odd bits and pieces he had lying around and it made a wonderful hidey hole.

But all good things come to an end and I think, whilst a good time was had by all, everyone was glad to get back to normal (except the dogs maybe, they loved having lots of small people to play with).
As weaving slowed right down when we had guests, I picked up a little knitting; just an easy peasy garter knit shawl, in two different sock yarns, one semi solid (Regia sock) and one hand dyed (Misti Alpaca I think). Wow, knitting takes a long time! I’m more accustomed to the speed of weaving now and found myself looking at the beginnings of the shawl thinking

Is that it?!?

Pretty though it is, I have hunch that it may well be relegated to the WIPs cupboard, never to be seen again…
As for weaving, not much has been happening there either. I’m in the middle of winding a warp for a competition piece and am not allowed to show you anything, not even a hint, on pain of death so you’ll just have to be patient until after voting in October.
I have started to dress Sarah the Saori with some undyed 8/2 cotton. It’s the first warp on her that hasn’t come ready made. One of the advantages of a Saori loom is that you can buy pre-wound warps, on a card board tube that just slides over the back beam ready to thread; they work out about the same cost as using your own yarns would too and are a very clever idea.

I had a plan to make some kitchen towels for the shop but after spinning some fibre last night I just want to be able to use that and ‘play’ with some more Saori style weaving. With the competition weaving on David, I feel the need to have something to relax with. Anyway, I’m off now, I have sooo much to crack on with and it’s been lovely but Sarah, here I come.

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