Sumptuous Summer Socks

What does a girl need in the middle of a British heat wave that has even reached up to the far north but a pair of hand knitted wooly socks. I finally finished a pair of vanilla socks that have been on the needles since about February (when wooly hand knitted socks may have been a little more appropriate). I used some yarn bought on our trip to London (for the Lightning Process training) from Loop and I can’t remember for the life of me what it’s called, sorry (blogger fail, again). Anyway, enjoy a pic:

Ok, I admit it, the socks are a ploy. I’ve been blogging just long enough to know that a pretty photo of yarny stuff will grab your attention. I also know that a mention of the lightning process makes for lots of views, randomly.
So let’s talk about what’s really important right now. Not yarn, although life enhancing, not essential. Not the lightning process, although more than life enhancing, this isn’t what is on my mind today.
A friend shared a link to a broadcast by Jon Snow, a news presenter, who has just returned from Gaza. It made me cry. In fact, just watching the news recently makes me cry.
Now I, despite being a well educated professional who likes to think I am well informed, ashamedly knows very little about Israel and Gaza. I do know that for as long as I can remember the Middle East has been on the news and I have zoned it out for being impossibly complicated. I have no idea who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’; I assume there are many aspects to each side and I do believe that it is likely that we are only fed information that supports a particular Western agenda.
So I don’t want to discuss the politics of it, or do I? Because when children are needlessly (is there ever a need?) dying then just how long do I, as an individual, sit by and do nothing. When people are being denied the right to proper medical care such as effective pain relief, where is the tipping point into taking action? Well for me, watching this today was it. As usual when seeing this kind of atrocity, there is the accompanying sense of utter powerlessness and the urge to leap on the next plane to go and…do what exactly? So I did what most Westerners, when faced with this dilemma, does. I donated some money. Not much, certainly not compared to the luxury I live in. I am surrounded by creature comforts, I have access to medication, (too much) good food and clean water and I sleep safely next to my loved one. For those ‘living’ in Gaza, I imagine that none of these are widely available so parting with a few pounds is insignificant really. I donated to Medecins Sans Frountieres;lots of people do remarkable things for this charity so the charity can do remarkable things for people. If you would like to read about an example of this, have a look this blog, a woman well known in the knitting world who is undertaking a very very long bike ride to raise money for MSF.
Have a think about donating, it made me feel fractionally less powerless.
If you would like, let me know via the comments and the socks could be yours.

2 thoughts on “Sumptuous Summer Socks

  1. Anne davis

    You have put into words how so many feel(including me). I have never really understood the politics of the clashes in the Middle East I just know that the suffering of innocents is horrific and unnecessary. Any child suffering is wrong. Any creature suffering is wrong.
    Thanks Rachel. x


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