Busy doing nothing

I’m enjoying my week off work with lots of not very much. It’s easy to do not very much in Caithness. There aren’t that many shops (the weekly supermarket trip becomes a great excitement, really!), only a handful of restaurants, a cinema (although on the other side of the county, it’s a whole lot better than going the 240 miles to Inverness and back which is what we used to do before ours opened)(there’s a whole story about a bunch of us going on a Friday night to see Twilight and then getting stopped by the police on the way back…I was driving and I got in such a mucky fuddle that I drove around the roundabout twice in front of said police, but that’s a story for another day)(how I didn’t get breathalysed I’ll never know)…where was I? Oh yes, doing nothing.
Like I said, here we have lots of beaches, huge empty skies and peace. Wonderful.
We took the dogs to the local beach today, the tide was just on it’s way out so there wasn’t a huge amount of beach to walk along, which suited me (!) but Fin, our Labrador collie cross, decided he would make the most of it and found, not a stick, but as my friend described it, a caber to fetch and carry.


The nights are still light too, I took these at 11.30pm and you can see the fingers of dusk on the northern horizon soon to be shaking hands with the dawn.


I have a whole lot more nothing to do and intend to enjoy every quiet minute of it.

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