More this than that

I’ve suspected for a while that I’m not so good at balance. I’ve always been an all or nothing kinda gal but it’s not actually that good for me. Recently I’ve been burning the candle at both ends as I’ve been doing my ‘normal’ job, weaving, setting up my weaving business, doing all the social media type stuff that is required, and the day to day things like cooking and occasional cleaning; all while I am in the early stages of recovery from a chronic illness. It had started together on top of me (I think I realised when I came close to launching my iPhone through the conservatory window when the blasted internet connection was too slow to upload one measly photo to Facebook…any of you living in a city have no clue how frustrating this is) so we decided to Go Away. This was to be a grown-up going away as opposed to our usual sloping off in a tent or to some ghastly B and B with more rules than a prison (my most recent TripAdvisor review bears testament to this). Just for a night. In a proper hotel. With a restaurant and everything. And a swimming pool.
I booked it and then discovered that every man and his wife in Caithness had been to said hotel. How did I not know?!? I think it was a cunning plan by Mr Knittingkitten to keep me away from the establishment as now we’ve been once I don’t want to go anywhere else again. Ever.
It was WONDERFUL. Here is the bed:

Huge. I didn’t know they came that big. With a proper comfy mattress and duck down pillows. Sigh. I slept like the proverbial log and was woken by breakfast! Yep, we went the whole hog and had breakfast in our room.

We were ready for breakfast having only had a three course meal the night before involving smoked salmon (Mr Knittingkitten, not me), meltingly tender beef and freshly made strawberry cheesecake. Mmmmm.
The bestest best thing though was that we could take the dogs. Our room was on the ground floor with doors onto a patio and garden access so perfect for them.
Despite the super large bed though, the dogs still managed to nick all the duvet.

7 thoughts on “More this than that

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Thank you for lovely weekend my beautiful wifey x you so special and so amazing x

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      I think more weekends like this one! I’m not sure I’m ready to let go of the part of my personality that get ‘consumed’ by things at the expense of balance yet. Physically removing myself from things that obsess me (doing a geographical if you like) works for now x

  2. Anne davis

    So happy, happy, happy that you had a wonderful time. Looks fabulous. You deserve this and more! x

  3. mosaicthinking

    Where, oh where is that review for the ghastly B and B with more rules than a prison? Sounds like a ripper and I’d love to read it. I’m a huge fan of tripadvisor and try to give back by posting my own reviews. My worst hotel experience to date – probably the Hilton in Atlanta which had all the ambiance of a prison, with bare corridors, slamming doors and no communal areas for the prisoners … um… guests … to socialise. Urgh!


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