I am on a most exciting weaving journey. All things considered, I have been for the last few months but this week has absolutely been up there in terms of developing my creativity.
For many years I strongly believed I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. Then I realised that maybe cooking could be considered a little creative; I like to cook and bake and Mr Knittingkitten often comments that I very rarely follow recipes to the letter, I often make the odd ‘tweak’ here and there.
Next came knitting; this I conceded was most definitely creative. There’s no getting away from the finished object, something created by you with just a bit of posh string and two sticks. I’ve never managed to really get my head around designing much so I used this as the proof that, again, I’m not really really creative.
So this brings the question of ‘what does creative mean?’). Is it enough to follow some else’s recipe or pattern to create an end product like a tasty cake or cute sweater? What about making adaptations to said recipe or pattern to suit your own individual taste or shape?
I’m sure there are lots of creative arts people out there who could probably enlighten us but for me, weaving has been where my truly creative juices flow.
I’ve always loved colour but shied away from it for reasons unknown. Weaving has given me the chance to really play with colour and it’s one of the reasons I love making baby wraps as I get to blend colours through graduation warps and blending wefts.
For various reasons I came upon saori weaving. One of the principles of saori weaving asks us to consider the difference between machines and humans. It is a welcome respite from baby wrap weaving where there is so much emphasis, largely for safety, on producing near perfect selvedges and consistently balanced cloth.
Saori revels in ‘flaws’ by not seeing them as flaws but as adding to the unique beauty of each woven piece. This is challenging for me with my perfectionist streak but healthy for me to focus on. I wove me first saori-inspired piece this weekend; it was really hard to resist the urge to unweave skipped threads and redo the selvedges! But it was so much fun! I dug out some old bits of handspun and left over sock yarn as well as some random bits of fleece and just had a ball. I had planned to make a bag with the finished fabric but I’ve taken it off the loom and really like the way it drapes so may leave it. I shall wait for the fabric to tell me what it would like to be. This feels creative.


8 thoughts on “Saori

  1. rmwk100

    Super progress! Huge well done to you! All the techniques I used to use on my big wool tapestries, I discovered through “errors”. More power to your inventiveness and creativity! Love from Futh XXXXX

  2. Anne davis

    That is AMAZING exactly as it is! I hope you do more of it?????????
    Like you I have to tweak everything! I tweak knitting patterns and needles sizes and add bits. Don’t follow recipes so when hubby says “that was delicious” I am sometimes stumped because I could not repeat it if I tried.
    With my jewellery I just go with instinct and see what happens.
    Clever lady! x
    Anne. x

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      No, just on a rigid heddle. I used a 7.5 dpi reed, I don’t have one that size for David.


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