I’ve finished two bamboo shawls for a commission that have now gone off on their merry way to Switzerland. It’s the first time I’ve used bamboo for both warp and weft and I had a few issues with the odd broken selvedge thread. For some reason, I never have any issues with the right side selvedge but my left side is always scruffier, to some degree or another. On this occasion it proved a bit worrying and like knitting with wool that’s about to run out, I find myself weaving faster when there’s an issue with something I’m concerned about as if getting to the end more quickly will help!

One shawl had a solid black warp and the other stripes as you can see above. As there were over 700 ends and I didn’t have any threading errors with the first warp (get me!!), I decided that rather than rethread and resley, I would try tying the new warp onto the old. Eek. Something new for me and thankfully it went ok as the bamboo is very slippy so easily untangled. I can see how using cotton, for example, would leave you with a hideous birds nest mess of yarn. I’m not sure it was much easier, more mindless for sure, but still needing 700+ knots and then the added angst of winding the warp from front to back, through the heddles with all those little bumpy knots waiting for you to look away so they can undo themselves, no thanks!
So I’ve started my next project, hold in mind I am itching to start a baby wrap, a doubleweave sample scarf, with a mere 650 ends of 20/2 mercerised cotton, or dental floss as it could also be known. It’s very pretty but, mercy, it’s dull. Bring on the next wrap!


3 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Donald Downen

    Your, Sunshine. Shawls are very beautiful and I was wondering if I might get the weave pattern for it I love the pattern and I just ordered my first 8 shaft loom right after the new year and it should be here in about 2 weeks and I would like to try that pateren on it.
    Thank You Donald Downen
    Hand Woven by Don

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. The pattern is an undulating twill. I think I found it on where there are lots of patterns and a good search facility. Good luck with your new loom and your weaving.


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