Twill (what a great word)

I LOVE weaving, have I mentioned that??!? I am amazed that I (largely self taught might I add, with a touch of smugness) can make fabric, cloth, material, even stuff to make knickers with, albeit fairly sturdy granny pants.
I am giving myself a little break from weaving wraps to indulge in something more complex and luxurious. Enter the silk…

It’s an 8 shaft twill from handweaving and I discovered that you can import the draft into Iweaveit (for the weavers present, this is GENIUS, for everyone else *yawn*).
It feels like ‘proper’ weaving, in the way that fair isle feels like ‘proper’ knitting. Lovely.

4 thoughts on “Twill (what a great word)

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      Thank you, I’m sure you will be, just a little practice and lots of good yarn!


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