Chocolate Free

I’ve started today’s post with no idea where it will go. I’ve been busy with lots of wonderful things and also with some not quite so wonderful things, both largely self induced. I’m wondering if my approach to living is a bit jumbled too, I think I tend to wander along with little thought as to where I’m going…although this isn’t a bad thing because I’m certainly enjoying the journey on the way.
It’s a little difficult to be more specific but I’m a great believer in the philosophy that as long as I put in the footwork, I’ll end up exactly where I’m supposed to be. My confusion is that I’m being offered lots of choices…and until I’m a little clearer about the choice I’ll make I can’t really say any more. How mysterious! And, I suspect, rather annoying for you.
Anyway, enough meandering, let’s get down to business, the important stuff of life, that which is related to yarn.
A friend has joined our spinning group; she was gifted a wheel and has been along to two groups so far. It’s wonderful to see someone fall in love with spinning and to be able to help her on her way, just a little. The other joy has been watching how we all have different things to offer; one spinner was able to give her expertise about restoring wheels, another is a skilled teacher so was able to get her started. Me? I was able to share some fibre, I have lots of fibre!
Spinning is such a meditative craft, I love sitting in a circle of women, all spinning, and chatting or just making yarn in comfortable silence. I find it inspiring, as we all do other things too, some knit, others weave, some dye yarn, we are quilters, carders, crofters…all creating our own unique art.

That’s my most recent spinning, some Caithness fleece from Caroline that is spinning up wonderfully. I’ve dyed some too but haven’t had chance to photo that yet.

Also in ‘show off corner’ is my most recent wrap, it’s broken twill and for sale in my Etsy shop but if it doesn’t sell soon it may well become some curtains as it is a glorious fabric. As it’s twill it’s much thicker and cushier than my previous wraps and took quite a while to get threaded – all 800 ends of it.
Finally, my knitting kit arrived, complete with cute project bag (I’m a sucker for a nice bag) from Sunday Knits, it’s lovely and feels so soft. The colours are just lovely (please excuse the very poor photo but I’m so much more interested in knitting as opposed to photographing it).


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