All finished

The latest wrap is now on its happy way to a new home. They are ever so slightly addictive, the cotton is soft and the colours just cry out to be mixed up.
I decided though, just for something different, plus to break up the metres and metres of plain weave, that I’d try something a touch more complex so threaded up the loom for a 6 shaft twill. Kitchen towels for me, I love my handwoven towels.

I also have a new shuttle, a Bluster Bay end feed shuttle. You can see it peeking out in the corner there; it’s beeyuootiful. The wood is smooth and heavy, it makes my other shuttles look like badly made chopsticks. I don’t know if appreciation of handmade goods increases with the experience of making things oneself. I certainly love to be able to use something that has been made with care and attention. Maybe it’s to do with getting a little older and learning that care and attention are valuable and something we could all do with giving and receiving.

3 thoughts on “All finished

  1. Anne davis

    New shuttle is very impressive. I used to be the same with make up brushes. Have to use decent ones . Now it’s my knitting needles, Yarn and lovely beads. I cannot use acrylic yarn or beads and only like decent knitting needles now too. This may have something to do with a certain friend who introduced me to “what I call “proper wool””(in Miranda’s Mother’s voice)! You have a lot to answer for KK!! xxxxx


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