Spring has most definitely sprung

I’m well into my second project on David now. The first one ended up like this:

I’m rather pleased with it, I love the vibrancy of the colours and I’ve worn it with pride on several occasions. Funnily enough, it’s the first time I’ve kept something I’ve woven for myself. It’s different from knitting like that, I’m the opposite, you have to prise that from my fingers and I’ll only let you if you’re very special (and a knitter too!).
I’m not really sure why, something to do with not really having a need for woven things I suppose. This scarf, however, was to be my treat right from the word go. The colours are glorious.
My second project started like this

And then became this

And currently looks a bit like this

My pesky phone camera (sorry, too lazy to use my real camera) doesn’t pick up the true colours but they are supposed to reflect Caithness Spring – there is gold and dark green like the gorse that covers the roadsides at the moment; purple as we have some heather in our garden that’s in bloom; white and grey to represent the foam on the sea (when I was winding the warp it was very windy and the foam blew right up from the sea across the path where we walk the dogs) and a little charcoal as the nights are still dark (not so much the evenings but in a couple of months it will stay light through the small hours). I hated it to start with. My daft hat was firmly on when I beamed it by not winding it over the back beam, then I used too dense a sett at the selvedges and they looked a right state but then everything fell into place. I cut out the extra selvedge threads and have such neat edges that I might even take a proper photo with a proper camera and by adjusting the weft the colours have started to work together. All is good.

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