Sunshine and waves

I have been very busy, very happily busy. I have a table at Dornoch Fibrefest on the 15th and 16th March to sell some of my hand dyed yarn which is why my Etsy shop is looking a little neglected; the yarn I’ve dyed recently is ready to be packed up for the Fibrefest and hopefully is more Spring-like.

I hope you can make it, there will be lots of different suppliers from the Highlands as well as workshops on everything from quilting to upcycling.
The dogs and I have been enjoying the sunshine after our rather damp weekend and the wind blew away any remaining cobwebs, I love the waves when it’s a little rough.


The pale blue Caithness skies are stunning and today’s walk inspired my latest weaving colour scheme. I’ve tried to reflect the hues of the above photos in this warp which may well be the last one on my table loom…more about that another time…


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