It’s been a while…

There has been rather a lot of water (rain especially) under the bridge since last we met. I have been on quite a journey in several senses of the word.
Firstly let’s just catch up with my last finished project which is the scarf I showed you on the loom. It is all done and dusted (well not really the latter) and I am vaguely pleased with it. I think the lesson has been that, as with knitting, to follow my inner weaver and pay no heed to stash reduction. It never works. Well, depending on how you define that; I see all yarny adventures as joyful meanderings and that means I need to knit/crochet/weave what I want to, not what I feel I should just because the yarn is sitting on my shelf looking down at me in an accusatory manner saying ‘I’ve been here a while, you ought to use me, you’re a bad owner if you don’t use me NOW, especially before you knit/crochet/weave that project that whispers to your fingers, Heaven forbid you enjoy knitting/crocheting/weaving’ etc etc, I think you get the drift.
Anyway, I digress, this project was definitely a guilt soother. I didn’t really want to weave it, in fact what I really wanted to weave was some more tea towels but the voice telling me to use up some yarn won over.

I’ve also realised I’m not that keen on overshot as it’s too fussy and ornate for me. I like clean simple lines and this is most definitely not that.
Moving on, we have been to London this week which is a very long way from Caithness both in distance but also in atmosphere. Where Caithness is quiet and laid back, London is fast and noisy; where Caithness is clean and open, in London I don’t think I would know which season it is apart from the difference in temperature; where…you get the drift.
As some readers may already know, I have M.E. The general consensus about M.E. tends towards learning to live within your limits by using pacing and resting appropriately. There are no treatments as such; the NICE guidelines suggest CBT (a talking therapy) and, controversially, something called Graded Exercise Therapy which, in my opinion, recommends the one thing that people with M.E don’t need to do. There are also various treatments or strategies that some people who have recovered from M.E. recommend such as a paleo diet, Mickel Therapy or supplements. Another of these is the Lightning Process, for various reasons I decided this was the one I was going to try.
It’s early days but so far I’m feeling fantastic. We explored lots of London which included a trip to Loop in Islington. Look at all of this wonderful wool!

Some of it leapt into my bag…leapt I tell you…including this rather fabulous Crazy Zauberball

As well as some Misti Alpaca sock and some Wollemeise sock yarn, seeing that it is the year of the hand knitted sock in my world. All lovely lovely stuff, I had a very happy time.

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