Mid week mumbles

Winter is beginning to show signs of remitting; the days are noticeably longer and the bulbs are coming up. It reminds me that everything is transitory and change is inevitable. I have a tendency towards imbalance and remembering that everything shifts weight, eventually, enables me to remain stable…this too shall pass, both bad and good.
Right enough of the hack philosophy and onto what’s importantly, i.e.yarn stuff.
I cut up my lovely woven fabric (ouch that was painful!) into kitchen towels and spent Sunday evening finishing them. I am unhappy with my hemming, it reminds me of sewing together knitted garments until I discovered knitting in the round. I would have all these glorious pieces – sleeves, a front and a back, with neat increases and decreases having taken time to cast off in pattern – only to end up with ugly seams that detracted from the pleasure of finishing a hand knit.

Despite this I do love them, they are wonderfully soft and aesthetically pleasing yet useful; surely fulfilling the important functions of a handmade item?

There they are modelling some of our hen eggs! Unfortunately, as they are very hard to part with, I am selling them in my new Etsy shop (WeavingHeart).
My next weaving project is to use up some yarn, here’s a sneek preview.


2 thoughts on “Mid week mumbles

  1. rmwk100

    Just a thought, but do you measure, pin, press and tack your seams before sewing invisibly? This method gives a beautiful finish. Your weaving just gets better and better! XXXXXXX


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