Weaving woolly wonderfulness

There has been lots of weaving afoot since we last spoke. Some of you on twitter (and even in real life, heavens!) will have already seen said projects but I’m so pleased that I want to share them here too.
I came across some stunning scarves a newby weaver had made, on Ravelry. The draft was designed by a woman selling them via her Esty shop (link here) and as I’m also a newby weaver I thought it would be good to work through a weaving pattern with someone holding my hand, so to speak. The pattern, called Maltese Cross, uses bamboo yarn for the warp and tabby weft, and Mini Mochi sock yarn for the pattern weft. The sock yarn is self-striping which makes the fabric look shimmery and the bamboo, which I’ve not worked with before, is incredibly soft.
As with my previous attempt at overshot, I still need to learn to beat harder, but overall I’m very happy.


My rigid heddle loom arrived too! It’s a 16″ Ashford – in the UK we are fairly limited in respect to loom manufacturers. I managed to put it together all by myself, although Mr Knittingkitten would have been horrified if he’d seen how I actually did it (much swearing and hammering was involved).


It’s perfect for propping on my knees and the coffee table in front of the TV so now I can weave all the time!.
We will draw a veil over the first time I warped it where I managed to put it on the wrong way around…
It took ages to work out how to get the warp yarn’s colours to ‘pool’, something I was aiming for so as to weave some faux ikat (see previous post, sorry, I can remember which one) and because I’d had to wind the warp from the front beam onto the back one, the tension was shocking. However, the completed scarf looks ok. The warp is my hand dyed Aran weight yarn (in Highland Hillside) and the weft is some undyed shetland 3ply.



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