Bad weather, great year

The New Year has brought some horrendous weather to parts of the UK, I’ve spent some of today reading tweets from folks who are affected by the heavy rain, strong winds and flooding and am feeling very fortunate that here in Caithness we have avoided the worst of the weather. My thoughts are with those who have been less fortunate.
On a happier note I have been enjoying blogs written by those reviewing their projects over the last twelve months. I’ve been especially impressed and inspired by Sew Katy Did, what wonderful quilts, I love the colours she has used and am amazed that she managed to produce so much in a mere twelve months.
Here’s another from Elk Studio – great hats!
For me the last twelve months have been a real learning curve. The highlights included Woolfest, I have never ever seen so much woolly loveliness in one place, I was in heaven.



I also opened my Etsy Shop, it has been, and still is, a joy to be part of the British Wool Industry and a HUGE thank you to all of you who have supported my shop and I look forward to improving my dyeing skills and producing more lovely yarn for you to enjoy.

Next, and a biggy, I am learning to weave. I feel as though I have really found my niche. Knitting has been my passion for a few years now and because of this I have discovered the wonders of British wool, especially that from our precious rare breeds. Consequently, being able to take this into a new craft and learn different ways of using fibre is exciting and something I can’t wait to develop. I have started ‘Operation Floor Loom’ to save some pennies for a Louet Spring loom, I hope that this time next year I will be nearing that goal. Mr Knittingkitten has threatened to make one of those totaliser things they used to have on Blue Peter to show funds raised!! I will keep you posted.
Which leads me onto my final accomplishment of 2013 – starting this blog. I didn’t really have any expectations about how it would be, and no clear idea of what I wanted to achieve by doing it but I’ve learnt that I really enjoy writing and the flexibility that is offered by this format is perfect for me. I’m looking forward to continuing over the coming year, sharing some of the joys and frustrations of crafty life as well as sharing a little of my experiences of Planet Knittingkitten. Go well.


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