Welcome to the funny inbetween bit, the short days and long nights that separate Christmas and New Year. I don’t think many people really know what to do with themselves during this period; if you’re working it can feel like everyone else is on holiday, if you’re at home spending time with family it can start to feel a weensy bit claustrophobic. Some people enjoy shopping or eating and drinking but really, haven’t we all already overindulged? The weather doesn’t really lend itself to walking; the fantasy is a stroll in beautiful frosty clear sunshine, the reality, if you live in the UK, generally involves anything from drizzle and mud to full-on gales and torrential rain.
I love the build up to Christmas (although, admittedly it took a little longer than usual to get into it this year) and I love the sense of anticipation on Christmas Eve, the excitement of Christmas morning followed by lots of lovely food and the sense that the world has paused while we all snooze off some turkey. But by the time Boxing Day has arrived I end up feeling as though I’m treading water until New Year’s Day when I can put away the decorations and forget about the whole nasty business until next year.
Anyway enough of that. I have been using the time to work on projects I want to rather than things I feel I ought to for presents or to sell etc. I ordered a small amount of various British Breed DK from here and had been thinking about what to use it for. Mr Knittingkitten’s Aran jumper has been coming along painfully slowly (like 2 rows a day at best) and I was feeling a little guilty about this so decided to knit him a fair isle hat, a man can never have too many hats…It was a free Ravelry pattern (sorry can’t remember the name, I will put it on my project page later) and was very quick and satisfying to knit. I used Manx Loaghton for the main colour, Manx and Portland blend for the fair isle bit and White Face Woodland for the top (I ran out of the MC and thought I’d give him a ‘snowy peak’). It fits and, for the first time in a while, I loved knitting it.

I do love British yarn.
I also had a go at overshot weaving. This is a technique that uses two shuttles, one for the pattern and one for the background plain or ‘tabby’ weave. I had a couple of threading issues and had to cut off the first part and resley (rethread) the reed. I’m not really sure what to do with the finished fabric, it’s very light but essentially it was a ‘practice’ run. I learn by doing rather than reading or watching and I have a better understanding of twill now as it’s a variation on that.

That is the first part on the loom. I don’t think I beat it hard enough as the pattern should be more round and once off the loom and finished it is still a little ‘web-like’ rather than being a firm fabric.

Looking at the photo you can see the pattern is even more elongated. As a trial run though I’m pleased and it reminds me of the flock wallpaper you used to find in Indian restaurants!

2 thoughts on “Inbetween

  1. mosaicthinking

    I would happily use that overshot fabric as a wrap – it appears from the photos to have a lovely texture and I imagine it drapes beautifully. On the subject of Christmas/New Year, I had the same feelings this year. I wove another scarf and cut it off the loom yesterday so have some wet finishing to do in the next few days. There was enough warp left over for an experimental tray cloth so some lucky (or unlucky) soul has a crafted gift in their future.


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