Christmas countdown

Well, in good knittingkitten tradition I got bored of my Jacob Humbug (maybe I should rename it Bah Humbug) sweater and have started a cabled Aran affair for Mr Knittingkitten with the plan that it will be his Christmas jumper…ambitious, moi?
It is a pattern written by one of my favourite knitting designers, Alice Starmore called St Enda from ‘Aran Knitting’. I like Ms Starmore’s patterns because she manages to produce good designs without sacrificing ‘knittability’.

I’m using lovely yarn, it’s North Ronaldsay wool from Orkney and I’ve been saving it for something special. North Ronaldsay sheep are a British rare breed and eat seaweed.

Aren’t they lovely?
I have worked out that I have exactly four weeks from casting on to complete it, that gives me a week each for the front, back and two arms. Hmmmm. So far I’m not on track, a week in this is all I’ve got.

The first photo is most representative of the true colour, the second was taken at night (which is pretty much most of the time now!). It’s called ‘dark grey’ but is more of a silvery, pale grey with the odd dark guard hair that is characteristic of North Ronaldsay wool.
In my defence I have been making a few Christmas presents as well as being distracted by more weaving (doubleweave no less but more about that next time) but I think next Christmas may be more realistic, sorry Mr Knittingkitten.

One thought on “Christmas countdown

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Oh dear x I was really excited about opening my Xmas present jumper xxxx
    Not to worry take your time flower we have a long time together… So like our love there is no rush x
    It does fantastic in pics and even better in real life x u super super knitter and you really been busy doing chrimbo stuff so try to chill a bit baby xxxx love ya xxxx so very proud of ya xxxxx


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