The silliest things…

Here are some of the silliest things someone can say to someone with M.E.
( all said to me in the last month)

1. ‘I know, I feel tired all the time too’
2. From a doctor, after two years of being unwell, ‘I think you have a classic case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’…no, really?
3. Said by someone who had just heard we had been on holiday, ‘Oh! So you managed to get away then’ (subtext:you can’t be that ill)
4. By a doctor, ‘you just need to increase the amount of exercise you do’

Sensible things people have said
1. By a different doctor,’ when you feel bad, you need to sit and enjoy the view, when you feel good you need to sit and enjoy the view’
2. Go to bed (said by mr knittingkitten regularly)
3. ‘It could happen to anyone’ said by a friend who then gave me a bunch of flowers
4. Let me know how you are on the day, if you’re not up to it then we’ll just rearrange (said with no strings attached)

Chronic invisible illness is often misunderstood, including by me before I got unwell, my friends and family – the ones who count – humble me by how they understand. Thank you ( you know who you are!).

2 thoughts on “The silliest things…

  1. Anne Davis

    That is just lovely!
    Are we not blessed with wonderful people in our lives?!
    Thank you for understanding me so well Rachel. You are one of my many blessings.


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