Crazy knitting lady (uh, that would be me)

Most of my blog posts seem to be written in the early hours of the morning, maybe something to do with insomnia?!?
Well, where shall I start? It has been really good to get away, I feel a little uncomfortable as I’m signed off work but we’d arranged this prior to my relapse plus Mr Knittingkitten has been working really hard and needed a break so I guess it’s ok.
Usually when we go away I massively overestimate the amount of knitting I’ll do and take about 5 different projects ranging from plain socks (to knit in the car) to a full on complicated cable affair (in case we get snowed in) to the odd hat (Christmas knitting to keep the guilt at bay)…you get my drift? However, this time, I brought with me one project, yes, only one. You may remember I started Alcott a while ago and it’s been on the back burner as I’ve been neglecting ‘Fair Isle Fridays’, so I decided it would be a good plan to really focus on it without any other distractions. It was to be all of my holiday knitting. This time I was going to be Realistic about protected knitting time and Concentrate on Alcott alone. That way I hoped I would make significant progress. Forgetting that I’m no longer able to yomp up mountains and scramble through heather I have discovered, to my horror, that I seriously underestimated quite how much progress I would make. Alcott is actually quite finished, except for, frustratingly, the parts I am unable to do without access to a crochet hook and a decent pair of scissors. In a word…ARRGHHHHH.
I am fantasising about attacking the steeks (as this is all that’s left to do) with a pair of nail scissors whilst trying to convince myself that Jameison and Smith yarn is ‘sticky’ enough not to need securing prior to cutting.
Fortunately I discovered a half completed sock in the glove compartment of Mr Knittingkitten’s car – no doubt casually discarded from a different holiday. Thank Goodness as it’s the only thing between me and a wool massacre.


4 thoughts on “Crazy knitting lady (uh, that would be me)

  1. Anne Davis

    I was actually wondering where it had gotten to as I was looking at kits on J&S and saw this one. Very girly and very lovely just like it’s knitter! Love it! xxx

  2. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Easy tiger x we be home soon to scissors, needles, wheels, warps, looms and lauds of crafty stuff xxxxx loving u and our little break xxxx


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