Not what it was supposed to be…

I have been thinking about this post for a few days now, I had various plans to write about Wovember and how I will be celebrating it, Movember with photos of Mr Knittingkitten’s mo, and also about showing you a fantastic sewing tutorial written by my friend. However, I haven’t really been able to get started on any of these topics but I have been inspired to tell you a little about my experience of living in Caithness.
We moved here after never having even visited it…it was a bit of a risk which has paid off.
I like lists as they help me to organise my thoughts so this is my list of some of the things I love about the place I stay in. Before I start, get yourself comfy with a cup of tea and enjoy the view.
1. Caithness has huuuuge skies that are constantly changing. It is a relatively flat county, unlike the rest of the Scottish Highlands, so there are no hills to get in the way of the sky. It gives a feeling of space unlike anywhere else and provides a stunning panorama whatever the weather. As I write I look out of the window and see glimpses of blue surrounded by large cumulus clouds in shades of white to grey. The sun is behind the clouds framing them in gold and I see rays shinning through the clouds onto the sea making the horizon vanilla and cream.
2. Clean, fresh air. We moved from a city in the East Midlands, right in the heart of England and the middle of all the pollution. One of the things I did a lot when we first moved here was take great gulps of air, as if I could clear out all the city grim and muck. The air smells so different here, sweet and fresh. This is shown by the amount of lichen that grows profusely, over the trees, walls and even our roof.
3. Very few people. I know that sounds just a little anti social but imagine if you will no traffic jams, no queues at the checkout, always being able to get a table at your local cafe, no litter, being able to ring your doctors and get an appointment within the next few days, shall I go on…?
(Are you feeling envious yet? No? Then you must already live here)
4. Endless beaches – cue more photos, words aren’t enough.


5. Really lovely people. We were slightly anxious about moving to somewhere we’d never visited and knew very little about (spot the understatement of the blog) but have been very relieved to discover some of the warmest, friendliest souls ever here. Maybe it is being part of such a remote community, maybe it’s the weather that brings people together, maybe it’s all of the above that makes people feel more amenable, I don’t know, but whatever the reason, nice people live here.

Now that’s quite enough for now. Before you go and never come back again because I sound like one of the smuggest knitters alive, may I also mention that moving anywhere doesn’t do one important thing. It doesn’t change who you are. I couldn’t move away from me, despite trying very hard for some years. I’m still moody, sad at times, grumpy (most of the time) and I moan, having a lovely view doesn’t change any of that. It just means you have a lovely view.



3 thoughts on “Not what it was supposed to be…

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Read your blog over very lonely breakfast in very wet fort William this morning flower cheered me very much and made me realise even more how much I miss my beautiful Caithness, my lovely house and my fabulous wifey x feeling home sick Mrs G x


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