Spin a Yarn 2013 – spinning threads across the world

On Saturday I was very proud to be part of an ‘around the world spinning link up’ with my spinning group at Castlehill Heritage Centre in Caithness. Over the course of the day we were joined by spinners, knitters and other textile artists from all over the globe. We were joined by people via Skype and occasionally telephone (as some were so remote that Skype wasn’t available) from Kyoto in Japan, Pretoria in South Africa, the Free State in South Africa (who knew there are so many spinners in that part of the world!), Kerala in India, the Falkland Islands, Calgary in Canada, New Zealand and even the Halley Research Station in Antartica. One lovely person took the trouble to create a map showing where we all are
It was an amazing event and one that took much careful planning as we are all on different time zones (thank you Ann!). We all spun and knit to make squares for a cushion cover, like the link we did earlier in the year with the Falkland Islands (International (well, kind of) spin along)
The first photo is of the actual squares we made for the Falklands link up, once we have received the squares from them it will be made into a cushion like the second photo – a replica of the cushion that has been spun and knitted by one of our group’s members.
Unfortunately I was only at Saturday’s link up for a couple of hours as my energy level has been low recently but while I was there we spoke to South Africa who were spinning merino and angora, a lovely woman in India as well as two people in the Antarctic who were knitting.
Above are Agnieszka and Christoph from the British Antarctic Survey knitting away. We thought they looked very cosy, despite it being very cold there, about -40 degrees centigrade I believe…brrrr.
That is how we all looked; one of the best bits at our end was when two little girls joined us with their peg weaving and wove using some of their Granny’s handspun! We achieved the objective of linking every continent through friendship in spinning, knitting and weaving and thoroughly enjoyed the company of all who joined us.

There are already plans afoot for a further one next year; it is so interesting to have a glimpse into the cultures and countries where other yarny folks live and humbling to realise the scope of our craft, united through our love of such a simple fibre. Go well.

3 thoughts on “Spin a Yarn 2013 – spinning threads across the world

  1. Jo-Anne

    Hope 2014 is a yarn filled year :}

    I am trying to get hold of Anne to get our squares posted to her – they are in London already waiting for an address!



    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      Hello back!
      I’ll be seeing Ann on Sunday at spinning group so will get her address then and pass it onto you,
      Kind regards


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