Shhhh, listen to the yarn

I have started a new project; after falling into a pit of analysis paralysis or overthinking my next project (as a result of making a mistake with my last one I suspect), I stopped contemplating the perfect knit and just let the yarn speak to me. A few weeks ago I bought some 3ply oatmeal shetland with no real clue as to what it would become but just because I could and because it is lovely. It told me that it wants to be a shawl, a simple one so it can show off it’s natural beauty. The more cynical out there may think the wool didn’t actually speak to me, but it really did, you just have to know how to listen…sit next to your stash, reach out and pick up a ball or skein or just run your hand over the woolly wonderfulness, there, can you hear it? Which one is demanding to be squished, snuggled and nuzzled? That’s the one to chose for your next project. As for which project, well that’s where Ravelry comes in; take a look at the pattern pages, especially the ‘hot right now’ one and see which one(s) leap out. If you don’t have the right yarn at the moment you can always queue it and keep searching…how many hours have been wasted this way?!?

Hmmm, quite.
Anyway, I cast on this, something that needs very little thinking about, the odd row of counting for the pattern but otherwise lovely, simple, cosy knitting. Not that I need another shawl, mind, it might is unlikely to be Christmas knitting, I like the wool too much but I plan to extend the pattern and make a really big shawl, to snuggle with.

The pattern calls for Aran weight, clearly as I am using a much finer yarn it will need to be extended considerably, more knitting pleasure to be had then.
In other news I am being seduced by the idea of trying some weaving. This is an art I haven’t really considered until now, largely because I have enough to be keeping busy with already with knitting, spinning and a pinch of crochet thrown in. I blame my mother-in-law. She asked me why I didn’t weave, and I couldn’t really come up with a good answer. I knew absolutely nothing about it other that it is a completely foreign language and still know very little but have been reading a little online; the frustrating thing is that, unlike knitting etc, there aren’t quite so many free resources out there so I am impatiently waiting the arrival of a book and have been promised the loan of a loom from a friend. Exciting times, for me anyway. Until next time, go well.

One thought on “Shhhh, listen to the yarn

  1. itwasjudith

    Recently I came across some free tutorials (small eBooks that can be downloaded) from Weaving Today – one only needs to register for free.

    Looking forward to reading of your next adventures 🙂

    I got given an old spinning wheel by a friend, but I’m not even sure whether its’ complete… I’ll have to figure out what is what and how it all works!


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