New project whinge

My mother-in-law is staying with us which has caused great excitement. Partly as being so far north (or at least, that is what we tell ourselves) we have very few visitors from south of the border but also as she is also a knitter so I have a fellow yarn addict to chat to. It gave us a great excuse to have a trip to Orkney and we had a whistle stop tour on Saturday, managing to fit in lots of shopping plus a visit to the Italian chapel, a catholic chapel built by Italian prisoners of war in a Nissen hut with stunning paintings inside (I know there is a proper word for that but it evades me at present), as well as the cathedral in Kirkwall.


We also saw a pod of porpoise from the ferry and Mr Knittinkitten spotted a minke whale when I was on the loo…typical!
But, best of all was that I found some gorgeous (and very reasonable) New Lanark cream Aran weight and a couple of skeins of North Ronaldsay.
Of course, I just had to cast on immediately! Well, after I had decided on a suitable pattern anyway; this meant that Saturday evening was spent on Ravelry looking for the perfect Aran jumper for my new wool. I found Stonecutter, a Brooklyn Tweed pattern with a large cable panel down the front and back with some interesting bias shaping on the sides. I printed off the PDF and then…gulped…hard. It looks VERY complicated, especially for my fibro fog addled brain. However I was reassured by some of the pattern reports on Rav and decided to cast on… I decided on the first arm and had a little grump about the tubular cast on but actually it’s really easy and very effective (be nice for socks…).
This is my first BT pattern and I have somewhat high expectations, having drooled over their ‘look books’ for some time now.
Hmmm, so far I get the impression that some things seem to be for the sake of doing it a bit differently without having any real merit, for example, there is a weird way of increasing…why not increase using a method more widely known? Also I am not entirely happy with the abbreviations – 3/3 LC rather than C3F, again this seems to be being different for the sake of it. Hey ho, I’m sure it will all become clear…

The yarn is lovely, soft and with good stitch definition. I am trying not to think about the front and back…
My buttons arrived from Auskerry and were promptly sewn into place. They are perfect and really work with the Jacob yarn.

I think it will be worn a lot.

3 thoughts on “New project whinge

  1. Anne Davis

    Loving the cardigan Rachel!
    I fancy something in cream aran and a nice burgundy loveliness would be good too(Bakewell Wool thingy on 19th-21st might be a shopping opportunity) but must knit several items that are queuing for my attention first.
    Kniot on! xxxx

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      Yes, cream Aran is a classic and great to knit – interesting but grows quickly. Burgandy sounds like a lovely autumnal colour and very you! X

  2. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Very clever Mrs G x stick at and you shall conquer the mighty pattern xxx dont think have you taken your cardi off yet xxx


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