I keep my promises…sometimes….

I have knitting for you! And spinning!! I have made a good start on Paulie after deciding that this was the pattern for my birthday yarn.

It is a nice, steady knit, with not too much thinking involved, just the odd stripe so I don’t fall asleep mid-row. As you may remember, the main colour is 4ply Jacob and for the chocolate stripes I am using up some 4ply shetland; both from Natural Yarn.
I decided that Jacob wool makes my favourite kind of yarn, for today. I love the springy, bouncy feel and while shetland wool is gorgeously soft it does tend to pile relatively quickly and Jacob is a little more ‘woolly’ but harder wearing. As with much of life, a compromise has to be made with yarn – softness versus resilience. There has been far too many occasions when I have fallen for the charms of silk blended merino and spent hours (and pennies) knitting it into a beautiful garment only for it to turn into a bobbly, overstretched dishrag after two wearings. Another reason to buy British wool…
I have spun up a skein of yarn from some hand dyed tops I bought at Woolfest, it’s gorgeous

I love the colours, they are very Autumnal so perfect for this time of year. I haven’t really decided what to do with it yet, whether to gift it or put it into my Etsy shop. I know I’m probably not going to use it myself, not at the moment anyhow, I have far too many plans…
Top of my list is spinning enough Jacob to make some kind of sweater, possibly Darrowby, but a jumper with some kind of cabley affair is speaking to me at the moment.

As you can see, our dining table is covered with fleece and so far I have the grand total of one skein spun

There is a good article by Lisa Grossman, the designer of Darrowby, about the process of spinning to knit which I found inspiring and has given me the ‘blueprint’ for my process. I will keep you all updated…thank you for reading, go well.

2 thoughts on “I keep my promises…sometimes….

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Jumper… Did I hear the word jumper…. And that you keep your promises…. Oh yes sometimes!!!!!! Lovely stuff again my lovely xxx glad you enjoying your wooly stuff at the mo xxxx keep blogging xxx

  2. Anne Davis

    That’s it!
    That’s absolutely it but darker!!! Not black but not silver sort of a mixture! Hahahahahahahahahah!!
    How very, very, very bizarre! While I was texting you about Jacob batts you were writing this. That’s the wool for my blanket jacket/coat????!!!!!!!! Will trust your judgement on achieving colour. Will discuss in depth!
    That wool is mine!!!!!!
    Clever rachel. xxxxxx


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