Warning: low fibre content

Well, where has the week gone? The weekend is peeking it’s welcome nose around the corner and I have no idea what I have been up to over the last few days except for watch rubbish TV (celebrity big brother…I know, I know, it’s my guilty pleasure), sleep, rest, and then sleep some more. My energy levels have been very low so I haven’t even been tweeting much. Consequently this will be a short post, especially as I have the attention span of a midge.
I did manage to go to my spinning group on Sunday, it is very important to me as I have little real face to face interaction with people and I find inspiration and encouragement from spending time with other yarny people. We had several newcomers, which was great, but this made it more draining for me and I left early. M.E. is a curious thing as post exertional malaise (to get a bit technical) takes about 48 hours, in my case, to arrive and I could hardly move on Tuesday.
I don’t mind this, really I don’t. Before becoming unwell I did expect to be able to maintain good health into old age but I now realise that this is not the case for many people, not just me, and many who face much more challenging conditions and illnesses.
I am immensely blessed to live where I do and be able to fill my time with woolly activities. Don’t think I am ‘Pollyanna – ish’ either, I moan a lot but laugh more.

I can’t credit that photo, I nicked it from the Internet…sorry

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